Energy Supply Plan update

10 April 2016

An update on the energy supply situation was provided on 11 April by the Energy Minister Matthew Groom.


Key points:

  • Total energy in storage is currently at 13.6 per cent, the same level as this time last week.  This is due to additional generation coming online, significant wind generation and increasing inflows into storages. 
  • Key storages, including Lake Gordon and Lake Burbury, have risen slightly since last week.  Many other storages remain steady. 
  • Over 100MW of diesel generation has been installed, and is progressively coming online. 
  • Work continues on installing an additional 100MW of generation during April.
  • This week, Hydro Tasmania will begin installing three dual fuel diesel/gas units with a combined output of 75MW at Bell Bay, and it is expected that these will be fully installed by the end of April.
  • Norske Skog voluntarily reduced load at its Boyer Mill last week. The reduction was timed to coincide with a planned maintenance outage and has had no effect on the Boyer workforce. 
  • Over the weekend, Premier Will Hodgman met with the owners of Basslink who assured the Premier that the repair of the Basslink interconnector is a matter of priority. 


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