Diesel generation work begins at Port Latta

8 March 2016

Site works have begun to enable the installation of around 20 megawatts (MW) of temporary diesel generation at Port Latta.

The work is part of Hydro Tasmania’s statewide effort to protect and secure Tasmania’s energy needs in response to the combination of several months of unprecedented low inflows and an extended Basslink outage.

Hydro Tasmania has secured diesel generating units to supplement existing on-island generation capacity.

Port Latta has been identified as a suitable location for technical, economic and access reasons to position some of the containerised diesel generation. This follows temporary diesel generators being located at Catagunya and Meadowbank power stations and George Town substation.

Discussions about the works on the existing Port Latta substation site have commenced with the Circular Head Council.

Preliminary site works have also begun at Tribute Power Station near Tullah on Tasmania’s west coast and the West Coast Council is aware of investigations taking place

The Port Latta proposal would result in about 20MW of generation being installed, with generators and support infrastructure housed in a number of shipping containers. Hydro Tasmania estimates that the engines will operate 24 hours a day for up to three months.

Hydro Tasmania believes it is very important to have contingency diesel generation options in place and able to operate.

Hydro Tasmania has been working closely with a range of regulatory agencies, including the Environment Protection Authority, Workplace Standards Tasmania and local councils, to ensure that the temporary operation of diesel generating units at various sites is compliant with all standards and relevant laws.

Residents near the Port Latta are being notified of the works via a letter. Those who would like to discuss the issue with Hydro Tasmania are encouraged to phone 1300 360 441 or email contactus@hydro.com.au

Current information about Hydro Tasmania’s response to the energy supply situation can be found here


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