Diesel generation

28 January 2016

In response to the combination of several months of unprecedented low inflows and an extended Basslink outage, Hydro Tasmania has secured diesel generating units to supplement existing on-island generation capacity.

The first stage of this contingency generation strategy is underway, with 24MW of diesel generation being progressively delivered to Tasmania from today.

This will comprise approximately 40 shipping containers; each of the 24 generation units is housed in its own shipping container, and up to another 16 containers will also be delivered, housing supporting equipment.

A comprehensive approval process (technical, environmental, etc) will be required prior to being able to operate the diesel units. This process and the development of optimal sites for the installation and connection of this generation to the Tasmanian network will take some weeks. It’s expected these units would be ready to operate, if required, by early March.

Hydro Tasmania is also working to secure a further 34 MW of diesel generation. If the additional diesel units are required they would be available to supplement on-island hydro, wind and gas generation.

While important to have in place and able to operate, this contingency diesel generation option is only likely to be required if Basslink does not return to service as planned and / or if low inflows continue through autumn.


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