Changes to public access at Lake Barrington and Lake Paloona

3 December 2015

Hydro Tasmania has advised of changed access for recreation at some of the waterways it manages across the state.

“As the largest water manager in Australia, we know that our hydropower operations impact people beyond power generation,” said Evangelista Albertini, Hydro Tasmania’s Chief Operating Officer.

“To ensure the safety of recreational users of our lakes and waterways, we are reviewing the areas near power stations, dams and spillways that are unsafe for boating and general access, known as exclusion zones.”

Throughout the state approximately 500 assets have been assessed and, to date, adjustments have been recommended at Lake Paloona and Lake Barrington.

In some cases, such as at Lake Barrington, the changes have extended the area of navigable water able to be safely accessed by the public. Previously, recreational users were excluded up to 1600 metres from Devils Gate Dam. This exclusion zone has been reduced to 400 metres upstream of the dam wall.

At Lake Paloona waters up to 300 metres from the dam wall have been excluded for navigation.

Signage at these sites will clearly explain changed access.

Peter Hopkins, MAST’s General Manager Recreational Boating Safety and Facilities, urged people to take note of the changed arrangements.

“For their own safety recreational users are urged to take heed of the areas prohibited for navigation and not enter the areas demarcated by warning signs.

“Over the summer period, more people take advantage of milder weather conditions to get out on the water. We want to make sure that they return home safely.”

It’s expected the review of generation assets will be completed by March 2016, and this may result in changes to exclusion zones at other sites managed by Hydro Tasmania.

When the full outcomes of the review are known, any changes to exclusion zones will be formalised through changes to the Marine and Safety Tasmania By-Laws 2013. Changes to access at other sites will be advised at that time.

For more information about being safe on the water please visit the Marine and Safety Tasmania website. 


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