Basslink update

7 March 2016

An update on Basslink was provided on 8 March by Basslink Pty Ltd.

Read the statement.

Key points:

  • Basslink has refined the probable fault location. 
  • Basslink will now proceed to the next phase which involves cutting the cables.
  • It is expected that the interconnector will be operational again in late May.


Hydro Tasmania notes today’s announcement by Basslink Pty Ltd.

“We will be closely observing progress on the repair,” said Steve Davy, Hydro Tasmania Chief Executive Officer.

“In the meantime, our focus remains squarely on implementing the Energy Supply Plan, which sets out how we will continue to meet Tasmanian demand.”

The Energy Supply Plan outlines how all Tasmanian energy demand will be met even without Basslink in operation, in the event of a cool, dry May, and with allowance for an additional adverse event that would have an impact on energy generation, such as loss of a major power station.

The plans in place will mean:

  • If it rains less then we will generate more from gas and temporary diesel generation to maintain storage level and energy demand; and
  • If it rains more we will generate less from gas and temporary diesel generation as storages will remain at higher levels.


“Given the progressive delays in the return to service of Basslink, Hydro Tasmania and the Tasmanian Government are enacting plans to meet all Tasmanian energy demand,” Mr Davy said.

A range of actions are being initiated as required in response to the unprecedented situation of record low rainfall and the Basslink outage. The current area of focus is securing and preparing to install up to 200 megawatts of temporary diesel generation.


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