Statement on Basslink cable fault report

5 December 2016

In its statement of 5 December 2016, Basslink Pty Ltd (BPL) asserts that reports it obtained last week show it is not possible to determine the cause of the cable fault. 

Now that it has been provided with the reports, which were received at about 10am on 5 December, Hydro Tasmania will carefully consider all of the technical material and make its own assessment. Hydro Tasmania has also requested additional information from BPL relating to the cable failure, to assist its assessment.

Hydro Tasmania has offered a good faith payment to BPL, to facilitate continued discussions to resolve outstanding matters.

These matters have no bearing on energy security. Storages remain above 45 per cent, the Tamar Valley Power Station remains on standby and Basslink remains available.


Released for Hydro Tasmania by Rowan Dix, (03) 62305330 / 0409 722359 /


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