Routine CCGT operation

8 January 2017

Hydro Tasmania will this week start a routine operation of the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) at the Tamar Valley Power Station.

The operating period is scheduled to start tomorrow (Tuesday 10 January), and will involve the standard testing and ramping-up process.

The CEO of Hydro Tasmania, Steve Davy, said Tasmania’s energy security remains very well positioned at the peak of summer. Storages are currently at 43.5 per cent.

“Our storage levels are very strong for this time of year,” Mr Davy said.

“As previously advised, we don’t need to run the CCGT for energy security this summer. However, we’re going to run it to support storages over the driest part of the year, as well as keeping the equipment in optimal condition.

“At this stage, we anticipate running the CCGT for the balance of summer, according to operation requirements,” he said.

As usual each summer, Hydro Tasmania storages have now peaked and will steadily decline through to autumn.

“Storages will drop below 40 per cent and continue down in coming months, which is a perfectly normal and natural seasonal pattern,” Mr Davy said.

“While that seasonal process may receive more attention than usual, it’s certainly no cause for any concern,” he said.

At full capacity, the 208 megawatt CCGT provides an output equivalent to about 17 per cent (one sixth) of Tasmania’s average energy requirements.

Thanks to strong winter rain and careful management, Hydro Tasmania greatly exceeded its storage target of 40 per cent at the start of summer.

“Subject to average inflows, we’ve set a storage target of at least 30 per cent on 30 June 2017. We don’t expect any difficulties in meeting that target,” Mr Davy said.


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