PowerChina engages Entura to advise on Uganda’s largest hydropower project

29 March 2017

Specialist power and water consulting firm Entura has been engaged by PowerChina Huadong to deliver hydropower advisory services for the 600 MW Karuma Hydropower Project.

Located in northern Uganda, the Karuma Hydropower Project includes a 314m long diversion weir fitted with radial gates, six shafts and associated power tunnels leading to an underground power house containing six 100 MW Francis turbines and two 8.6km long tailrace tunnels. When completed, it will be the largest power station in the country.

PowerChina Huadong is the lead designer for the project and sister-company, SinoHydro, the engineering, procurement and construction contractor. Entura will assist PowerChina Huadong with managing a range of project stakeholders, undertaking design reviews, and advising on compliance with international standards.

You can read more on the Entura website.

Released for Hydro Tasmania on behalf of Entura by Rowan Dix, (03) 62305330 / 0409 722359 / rowan.dix@hydro.com.au.


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