Inspiration and opportunity at Indigenous Women’s summit

10 September 2017

Hydro Tasmania’s sponsorship of the Indigenous Women’s Leadership Summit has made a big difference for one Tasmanian woman.
The event brought together some of Australia’s most inspirational and accomplished Indigenous women to share their stories and offer advice, guidance, and support.
It explored the unique challenges and opportunities that face Indigenous women, under the theme of Realise your Potential.
Emma Robertson works at the Karadi Aboriginal Corporation community centre in Hobart’s northern suburbs, and attended the two-day summit as well as a pre-summit workshop in Sydney in mid-August.

Hydro Tasmania sponsored Emma’s registration, travel, accommodation and meals as part of its commitment to supporting the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. Calls for applications were made as part of Hydro Tasmania’s support of NAIDOC Week.

“There were amazing women from across Australia that I had the privilege of getting to know and being able to build strong relationships with,” Emma said.

“Even since leaving the conference and returning to our areas of Australia, we have kept in contact and I believe we will be strong sources of inspiration and support to each other for a long time to come."

“The guest speakers were inspirational and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Honourable Linda Burney MP. She talked of her struggles to walk in two worlds and still being true to her identity.  This resonated with me immensely."

“Within the Aboriginal community there are a lot of misconceptions at times about successful women, and that you have become a bit of a sellout to become successful at the expense of your culture and identity.  Linda explained that it took her a long time but she found a balance that she is happy with. As a strong Aboriginal woman she is now advocating for positive change for her people and Aboriginal people Australia-wide,” she said.
Emma said the summit’s networking opportunities were the biggest win for her. Upon returning, she’s raised ideas for further improving the event, as well as other opportunities for Hydro Tasmania to improve engagement and support professional development opportunities for the Indigenous community.



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