Impact of heavy rainfall and flooding

7 June 2016

Unprecedented rainfall has fallen across several of Hydro Tasmania’s catchments in the past 72 hours.

Hydro Tasmania’s operational focus at this time is on the safety of our people, the public and our assets.

“Some of the flood flows being experienced in northern Tasmania are at historic highs. However, our dams and spillways are operating well within their design parameters,” said Chris Topham, Dam Safety Manager.

“Importantly, there is no issue with respect to dam safety.

“We increased the level of monitoring our dams and spillways at the start of the heavy rains. Now that water has started to subside, inspections have found minor damage to non-critical elements of some dams.

“This minor damage will be repaired over coming weeks, and poses no issue to power generation or dam safety.”

Floodwaters have also caused damage to some of Hydro Tasmania’s secondary assets, mainly landslips and road damage, damage to some canals, as well as failure of some river flow monitoring sites. Until the water subsides further, it is not possible to fully assess the extent of that damage.

Hydro Tasmania’s cloud seeding program is on hold due to the high river levels across the state.

Hydro Tasmania has urged people to heed the advice of Tasmania Police and the State Emergency Service, and take notice of warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Hydro Tasmania is aware of the devastating impact of these floods and extends its sympathies to all who have been affected.



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