Energy Supply Plan update

25 April 2016

An update on the energy supply situation was provided on 26 April by the Energy Minister Matthew Groom.


Key points:

  • Water storage is currently at 12.8 per cent. 
  • This is due to lower than average inflows and low wind output.  Forecasts indicate a good chance of significant rainfall later this week. 
  • The projection has been for storages to reach a low of approximately 12 per cent by early May, with half of average inflows.  This continues to be the case.
  • Installation work on three 25 MW dual fuel units at Bell Bay continues this week, with the units scheduled to come online during May. 
  • This will bring the total capacity of additional diesel generation to approximately 220 MW.  This additional capacity will be used optimally in combination with existing hydro, wind and gas generation for the purpose of ensuring ongoing energy security. 
  • On Wednesday last week the Trent unit at Tamar Valley Power Station was taken offline in order to replace a faulty valve.  The Trent was repaired and returned to service on Friday last week and has been operating since then. 
  • Basslink has advised the return to service of the interconnector is on schedule for mid-June.  The first of three jointing operations was completed successfully last week. 


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