Canoe deal makes a splash

2 March 2017

Hydro Tasmania has reached a nation-first agreement to further support whitewater paddling in Tasmania.

For many years, the Derwent Canoe Club has used an area at Bradys Lake in the Central Highlands for paddling, with Hydro Tasmania’s co-operation. The new Licence Agreement formalises those arrangements for the first time. 

The Commodore of the Derwent Canoe Club, Peter Eckhardt, said the agreement paves the way for the slalom course to be upgraded in coming months.

“Bradys is Australia’s premier natural channel slalom course. It’s used by our Olympic and national teams for training camps and selection races,” Mr Eckhardt said.

“This agreement with Hydro Tasmania supports the world-class whitewater canoeing opportunities we have in Tasmania, and gives our sport an even brighter future.

“It will help facilitate many events and opportunities that would not have otherwise been possible.

“This is the first time an agreement of this type has formalised in Australia. Around the world, only three other countries have such agreements where the water authority works closely with community canoeing clubs.

“Reaching such an unprecedented agreement is testament to the close 40-year relationship that Canoe Tasmania has had with Hydro Tasmania,” he said.

The Chief Operating Officer of Hydro Tasmania, Evangelista Albertini, said the agreement reflects the company’s determination to support its community.

“While providing clean, secure and affordable energy is Hydro Tasmania’s first priority, we also take pride in supporting Tasmanian recreational water users,” Mr Albertini said.

“As proud Tasmanians, we’re very pleased to be able to support the recreational and sporting activities that enrich the lives of other Tasmanians.

“An intense sport like whitewater paddling requires strength, skill, determination and resilience. Those are all qualities that Hydro Tasmania can appreciate and get behind!” he said.

The agreement is not expected to affect Hydro Tasmania’s hydropower operations in any meaningful way, but provides paddlers and Hydro Tasmania employees with clear guidelines about managing the Bradys Lake area as both a generating asset and world-class slalom course, to the benefit of both parties.

You can watch a video about whitewater paddling on the Bradys Lake slalom course here.


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