BSI electricity price rise limited to inflation

26 June 2016

The annual price rise for electricity on the Bass Strait islands has been kept in line with inflation (Consumer Price Index).

The price of electricity for customers on King and Flinders Islands will increase by
1.7 per cent from 1 July 2016. That’s significantly lower than the 3.77 per cent rise recorded on 1 July last year.

The Chief Operating Officer of Momentum Energy, Stuart Rainsford, said the new energy tariff from 1 July 2016 will be 27.43 cents per KWh.

“No-one wants or welcomes a price rise, but we’re pleased to be able to restrict this year’s increase to the bare minimum, which is CPI,” Mr Rainsford said.

“The Tasmanian Government also subsidises a range of concessions and rebates to support customers in need.

“The Bass Strait islands are a special part of Tasmania with particular needs. Hydro Tasmania and Momentum Energy are proud to be powering these communities and supporting their development,” he said.

Connection fees and other service fees have also been revised. There are details at

Hydro Tasmania provides electricity to the Bass Strait islands under a Community Service Obligation (CSO), subsidised by the Tasmanian Government. Retail services are provided by Momentum Energy.

The CSO effectively protects customers on the islands from fluctuating diesel costs. The Bass Strait islands energy tariff is now approaching parity with mainland Tasmanian prices.

Momentum Energy will write to all customers on the islands, advising them of rate and fee changes. Anyone with questions or concerns should contact Momentum Energy’s Customer Care team on 1300 662 778, between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday (AEST). You can download the Bass Strait electricity tariffs from 1 July 2016.


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