Basslink return to service - BPL statement

12 June 2016

Hydro Tasmania has welcomed the return to service of the Basslink interconnector which has been out of service since 20 December 2015.

CEO Steve Davy said hydro storages will now build through winter and spring with the focus on Lake Gordon, Great Lake and Lake Echo as other storages are currently well above target levels. Overall storages are currently at 27.1 per cent.

"The remainder of the storages are very full, many are spilling, which means these power stations need to run around the clock to create room to capture more winter rain," he said.

"With all of these generators running and up to 300 MW of wind generation available there is more than enough energy to meet all Tasmanian demand.

"This surplus of energy will exist for at least the next week without any more rain. As a result, Basslink will be used to export to the rest of the National Electricity Market.

“Although this may seem a little strange as only two months ago diesel generators were running, it is consistent with the overall build strategy and the best way to avoid wasting our precious water resources.”

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