Upgrades and maintenance

Renewed life – the future of our power stations

To generate energy from water you need more than water and a turbine. There are huge infrastructure requirements for storing and delivering water to a turbine. And although water is a renewable source which is returned to water catchments by the natural water cycle our assets require a huge initial outlay and strategic ongoing maintenance and refurbishment.

Across a century of hydropower development 55 major dams were constructed as well as hundreds of kilometres of man-made waterways to direct water to storages and power stations. When many of these assets were built, they were world firsts. To ensure they remain fit-for-purpose, and able to deliver safe and reliable energy, Hydro Tasmania makes an ongoing investment in these assets.

Planned maintenance and technical upgrades help to retain our world class standards. Our major project schedule ensures the electricity supply is reliable and maximises power generation.

Some of our recent and scheduled projects are listed below: 

Tungatinah Power Station
Replacement of the turbine and secondary systems on a third as part of a $65m investment in the station.

Tarraleah Power Station
Completion of a $6m package of targeted works on the turbine elements across each of the six machines.

Paloona Power Station
Completion of $26m of investment to change the design of the turbine to substantially reduce the possibility of the loss of oil and replace the secondary system.

Meadowbank Power Station
A similar package of investment to that at Paloona above.

Fisher Power Station
A $21m investment to refurbish the turbine and replace the generator and secondary systems.

Cethana Power Station
A $34m investment, very similar to Fisher Power Station above, to refurbish the turbine and replace the generator and secondary systems.

Rowallan Dam
Completing a staged $13.5m project to address spillway wall deficiencies and improve the core and filters within the embankment. Watch our 6 minute documentary of the project so far here.

Trevallyn Dam dewatering outlet valves replacement
Replacement of the dewatering outlet valves to ensure reliable water releases through Trevallyn Dam for ongoing dam safety, stakeholders and the environment.


Stakeholder information for other projects

Wayatinah intake gate replacement (January - March 2014)

Lake Meadowbank drawdown (April - May 2013)

A major project which was completed in 2009 was the upgrade of post tensioned anchors at Catagunya Dam in the lower Derwent system. Watch the video below to get some insight into the huge scale of our upgrade projects.