Tasmanian Contract Prices

Wholesale Price

This week’s regulated weekly offer prices and volumes, calculated in accordance with the 'Wholesale Contract Regulatory Instrument' and 'Electricity Wholesale Contract Guideline' are published in the file below.

Please refer to the above guidelines for information on how to make requests for contracts through the regulated process.

Under section 3.4.2 of the 'Electricity Wholesale Contract Guideline' (see below), Hydro Tasmania must accept Nominations by Authorised Retailers that, amongst other requirements, provide a Nomination in a format consistent with any template issued by Hydro Tasmania. If a Nomination is made in a format inconsistent with this template (for example by an email without the template attached), Hydro Tasmania reserves the right to reject the Nomination.

Please click on the "Regulated Prices" CSV file below to download the template containing the most recent Regulated Prices. For more information on how to complete the template, an example can be found here.

Download file: Regulated Prices (CSV 3KB)

Saved at 10:25am on 21 November 2017

For retrieval of the historical Tasmanian Wholesale Regulated prices, Traffic Lights, Minimum Offer and End of Quarter Yield Forecasts click here.


Weekly Rate Card

In the linked file below are the contract prices for non-regulated Tasmanian contracts with validity as indicated in this file. These prices are offered to authorised counterparties that have agreed to Hydro Tasmania's Terms and Conditions.

Download file: Hydro Tasmania's Weekly Rate Card Prices (CSV 2KB)

Saved at 4:45pm on 21 November 2017

Wholesale Price Calculation

Linked below is a model in excel file format suitable for calculating Regulated weekly offer contract prices (as defined in the 'Electricity Wholesale Contract Guideline'.)

This model has been audited as required in the Guideline and is current for the Wholesale Contract Regulatory Instrument dated 23 March 2017.

Price calculation: Wholesale Price Calculation (465 KB)


  • The 'Wholesale Contract Regulatory Instrument' and 'Electricity Wholesale Contract Guideline' documents can be found on OTTER's 'Wholesale Pricing' web page.
  • Historical data for the period 1/1/2000 – 31/12/2012 for Hydro Non-Major Storage Level (GWh) and Hydro Yield (GWh) can be found in the model file.  Data for periods 1/1/2008 onwards can be found in Energy Storage – Historical Data
  • Forecast yield for current quarter can be found in Regulated Prices file
  • The models are provided as a one-off and are not supported by, nor updated with input data by Hydro Tasmania on an ongoing basis.
  • Hydro Tasmania will publish an update to the model should there be changes to the Wholesale Contract Regulatory Instrument which affect the calculations.