Gordon - Pedder

Gordon - Pedder

The combination of Lake Gordon and Lake Pedder is not only the largest storage in Hydro Tasmania’s system but the largest storage of water in Australia. This catchment is located in the wild terrain of south-west Tasmania.

The water in Lake Pedder provides around 40% of the water used in the Gordon Power Station. The water flows to Lake Gordon via McPartlan Canal.

The original Lake Pedder was flooded as part of the Gordon power scheme. There was wide spread opposition to this action from conservation groups.

In 1995 a Federal parliamentary inquiry was held to investigate the feasibility of restoring the original Lake Pedder. The inquiry found no compelling biological conservation reasons or environment protection reasons to restore the original Lake Pedder. Read the full report here.

Date commissioned 1977 - 1988
Generating capacity 432.00 MW
Number of Turbines 3
Type of Turbines Francis

Gordon is the largest power station in Tasmania. Placed underground, it has 432 MW of generating capacity supplied by an 80 metre vertical intake. The dam on the Gordon River holds the water back with a 140 metre high concrete arch construction.

Inside the underground power station A view of the multi-level power station Connecting the turbine to the generator - this shaft spins very fast! The water intake on Lake Gordon The Gordon Dam The dam under construction Another view of the dam