Hybrid off-grid solutions

Hybrid energy solutions

As an owner-operator of our own utility grade hybrid off-grid power systems, we understand your challenges in reducing operating costs, improving reliability and system security while providing a more sustainable power system.

Hydro Tasmania's hybrid energy solutions deliver:

  • 100% renewable energy
  • Cost-effective solutions to reduce diesel dependence
  • Proven projects backed by an owner operator
  • Secure and reliable hybrid power systems
  • World leading renewable energy integration expertise

As part of our integration solutions we offer dynamic aggregated control of discrete customer loads with the ability to match system demand to available renewable supply.

This approach is complimented by web and smart phone based operator and customer portals allowing real-time remote monitoring and visibility of your power system.

Below is the energy dashboard for King Island's 100% renewable system.

You can see the real time the renewable energy contribution from wind and solar here, and view the enabling technologies that improve system security and reliability, such as battery, dynamic resistor, flywheel and demand-side management.

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What our customers say

“Working with Hydro Tasmania to deliver a world class project has been a journey of exceptional project management and sound technical delivery. The team have always been focused on the job and always forthcoming with key suggestions to ensure Rottnest Island has taken the necessary steps towards a sustainable future of renewable energy.”
- Rottnest Island Authority