Class talks

Our education team can visit your school and provide free activity based presentations.

Education Coordinator Gina in a primary school class room with students discussing how Tasmania's water catchments work

Discover our water catchments

Using a large magnetic board and magnets, students actively participate in constructing a community around a water catchment and learn how essential water is to sustain life, our environment and how we live.
Year: 1 - 3
Timeframe: 40 minutes
No. of students: 30

Forces and magnetism

Through a visual and hands on activity students learn about forces and how it moves water. Students are also introduced to the power of magnetism.
Year: 3 - 4
Timeframe: 40 mins
No. of students: 30
Generation technician in a primary school class room with students watching how a hydro power station works

What is hydropower

Students explore the different forms of energy, our weather patterns, the history of hydropower construction and how hydropower is generated in Tasmania.
Year: 5 - 6
Timeframe: 1 hour and 10 minutes
No. of students: 30

Book a class talk

Class talks are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays between Week 2 and 10 of each Term. Available dates can be viewed below. Click on the relevant session time below, complete the form and submit. Our education team will contact you directly to confirm your booking. Any questions? Please contact