Class talks

Our education team can visit your school and provide free activity based presentations.

Education Coordinator Gina in a primary school class room with students discussing how Tasmania's water catchments work

Discover our water catchments

Using a large magnetic board and magnets, students actively participate in constructing a community around a water catchment and learn how essential water is to sustain life, our environment and how we live.
Year: 1 - 3
Timeframe: 40 minutes
No. of students: 30

Forces and magnetism

Through a visual and hands on activity students learn about forces and how it moves water. Students are also introduced to the power of magnetism.
Year: 3 - 4
Timeframe: 40 mins
No. of students: 30
Generation technician in a primary school class room with students watching how a hydro power station works

What is hydropower

Students explore the different forms of energy, our weather patterns, the history of hydropower construction and how hydropower is generated in Tasmania.
Year: 5 - 6
Timeframe: 1 hour and 10 minutes
No. of students: 30

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Class talks are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays between Week 2 and 10 of each Term. Please contact