Requests for sponsorship


The purpose of corporate sponsorship

Hydro Tasmania sponsors not-for-profit organisations and businesses with similar vision, values and objectives to our own.

For smaller ( less than $5 000) one-off community initiatives please see our Community Grants information

Our Corporate Sponsorship Program aims to have a measurable and ongoing benefit for Tasmania and Tasmanians. Sponsorship activities must have clear outcomes for both the recipients and for Hydro Tasmania, may also have specific commercial benefits to the business, and fit within our budget constraints.

We will consider sponsorship requests for activities that have a positive impact in one or more of the following areas, in the regions where Hydro Tasmania operates, or that have broad, measurable benefits for Tasmania, such as:

  • Skills, education and training in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) that can contribute to renewable energy industries or add value to STEM educational opportunities
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion, addressing societal and financial barriers that break cycles of disadvantage and inequality
  • Environment and natural resources through projects that restore Tasmania’s natural areas, including water quality, biodiversity, erosion protection or decarbonisation
  • Community events and activities that encourage community connection, assist people experiencing disadvantage and provide an economic and social boost to an area
  • Sporting teams that have broad, measurable benefits for the Tasmanian community and align Hydro Tasmania with well-regarded brands at a state and national level.

Hydro Tasmania does not sponsor:

  • individuals
  • political or religious groups
  • challenges (such as sporting challenges)
  • interstate travel or tours
  • activities that provide direct financial benefit to Hydro Tasmania employees
  • multiple sponsorships for the same organisation in one year
  • events or activities that have or are able to source sufficient funding elsewhere
  • environmental restoration projects that provide individual economic benefit.

Sponsorship requirements

When we support an organisation, we require that they:

  • sign an agreement that specifies the benefits and deliverables of the sponsorship, including measurable social impacts and benefits
  • display the Hydro Tasmania brand and messaging in their marketing, signage, website etc. as per our requirements
  • provide Hydro Tasmania with a timeline of activities related to the event specifying promotional opportunities and any actions required of Hydro Tasmania
  • provide opportunities for the participation of Hydro Tasmania employees
  • report the benefits and deliverables of the sponsorship on an agreed basis, according to the needs of Hydro Tasmania’s Corporate Social Responsibility reporting
  • alert Hydro Tasmania of any conflict of interest or negative publicity that may have an impact on Hydro Tasmania
  • strive at all times to uphold the vision and values of Hydro Tasmania.


How to request a sponsorship

If you would like to put forward a request for sponsorship, please send an email addressing how the sponsored activity will meet the above requirements, to