Pumped hydro energy storage assessment

An energy system that increasingly relies on variable generation (such as wind and solar) will have extended periods of low energy production, when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. It will need to be balanced with systems that can provide reliable energy in bulk and on demand for sustained periods.

Pumped Hydro information graphic_Sept 17

Pumped hydro energy storage (pumped hydro) is a proven technology for storing large-scale clean energy. In fact, 96% of the world’s energy storage is pumped hydro.

Pumped hydro is one of the keys to unlocking the state’s future potential.

We are completing an extensive assessment process across Tasmania to shortlist key regions and specific sites to take to the next stage of study.

Our initial studies have identified that there is significant pumped hydro potential. And Tasmania is well positioned, with substantial existing hydropower storages that can be repurposed and augmented for pumped hydro, putting the state in the enviable position of being able to provide cost-effective energy over a sustained period of many hours to many days and weeks.

We expect to make an announcement on potential sites in early 2018.

We are committed to continuing to engage with the community, and invite views to be shared so that we can better understand community concerns and opportunities as we move through the assessment process.

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