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Energise your future by joining Australia's leading clean business and largest generator of renewable energy.

Our Graduate Program starts in February 2020, initially based in Hobart. Depending on your graduate stream, you’ll be part of either a two or three year program. As a bonus, there may also be rotation opportunities in Melbourne and Cambridge as well as on-site at our power stations across Tasmania.

We offer a wide range of professional development and training opportunities throughout the program which will form an integral part of powering your professional career. In addition you will have networking opportunities to build meaningful connections with your fellow graduates and engage with people from right across our business. Most importantly, we are absolutely committed to supporting our people. You’ll have access to all of the great benefits of working for Hydro Tasmania which include discounted electricity, health insurance plus health and wellbeing programs
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We love degrees!

For our 2020 Graduate intake, we're looking for amazing individuals to join us in the following streams:

Civil engineering

Mechanical engineering

Electrical engineering


Corporate finance

Commercial analysts

Business analysts

Information technology

Graduate application process

  • Application requirements

  • Online video interview (Sonru)

  • Assessment centre

Hear from our current and past graduates

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What attracted you to apply to the Hydro Tasmania Graduate Program?

Hydro Tasmania is the best place in Tasmania to be an engineer. You get to tackle really interesting engineering problems, are constantly learning and discovering new things and get to go home proud of what you are doing.

Maria Brescianini, Graduate mechanical engineer

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What advice would you give to those looking to apply to the program?

Do it!!

You won't regret it!

El Inglis, Government relations manager

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What was the highlight of the program for you?

Meeting such an incredible group of like-minded individuals and the amount of care shown by the Hydro staff to provide such wonderful supported opportunities.

Tell us what you're doing now...

I'm the Delivery Manager in major works, responsible for our Cambridge Workshop facility.

Tim Tritton, Delivery manager (major works)

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Best 3 things about the program / Hydro Tasmania?

  1. Flexibility in the rotations
  2. Easy access to senior managers within rotations to enhance learning opportunities
  3. You have responsibility for tasks from Day 1

Devvrat Patney, Graduate commercial analyst (finance)
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What was your biggest learning from the program?

The deep end is the best place to learn, but everyone around you will support you if you show you care and are keen!

Monica Hudson, Mechanical engineer

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How did the program help to shape your career?

Built my network, gave me exposure to a range of opportunities, and helped reveal my passion for improving how we do things.

What advice would you give to those looking to apply to the program?

Be honest, be bold, show your passion, and seek to learn something every day.

Josh Phillips, Business process improvement analyst

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