Tasmania’s story is a Hydro story; a story of creating power for people. For more than a century, Tasmanians have relied on us. We're determined to honour and celebrate the stories of struggle, resilience and ingenuity that carried Tasmania into the full industrial era and made it a world leader in renewable energy.

About us - what we do

Powering generations

Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s leading clean energy business, largest generator of renewable energy, and largest water manager. For more than a century, Tasmanians have relied on our hydropower to grow and support the state’s communities and economy.
We’ve led clean energy innovation in Australia - building 54 major dams, 30 hydropower stations and two major wind farms. We employ more than 1100 people, mostly in Tasmania.
Hydro Tasmania sells energy into the National Electricity Market through our retail business Momentum Energy. We also offer world-renowned expertise through our specialist consulting firm Entura.
Today, Hydro Tasmania stands ready to help make Tasmania the Battery of the Nation. We have the skills, experience and passion to help create an energy future that’s clean, reliable and affordable.
We care, we collaborate, we innovate, we achieve. We are powering generations. 

Our energy

Every year, Hydro Tasmania produces about 9000 gigawatt hours (GWh) of clean renewable electricity from hydropower.
That’s enough to power about 900,000 Australian homes and small businesses.
We also part-own two Tasmanian wind farms, with a combined capacity of 300 megawatts, and own the gas-fired Tamar Valley Power Station in northern Tasmania.
The electricity we generate is exported to mainland Australia, and traded on the National Energy Market (NEM) via the Basslink undersea cable. During the wet winter months, we’re traditionally a net exporter of electricity. Over summer, when hydropower storages are lower, we’re generally a net importer.

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