Doing business with us

At Hydro Tasmania, we value our partnerships. We've developed a set of principles to guide our relationships with suppliers. We're committed to being a customer of choice by adopting the principles  below:

Keep dialogue open and honest

  • We provide clear channels of communication
  • Aim to discuss issues early
  • Share positive feedback

Define our requirements clearly

  • We strive to specify technical, non-technical and delivery expectations as clearly as possible
  • Provide business context and strategy about our requirements
  • Provide forward demand information, as and when known

Pay on time, expect delivery on time

  • Comply with the Department of Treasury and Finance Payment of Accounts Guidelines for Tasmanian Government Business
  • Hold suppliers accountable for delivery

Capitalise on synergies, appreciate diversity

  • Seek to understand our suppliers’ business
  • Acknowledge and encourage supplier innovation in our supply chain
  • Recognise and appreciate supplier synergies and diversity

See our supply chain here > 

View our associations here >

Filming Hydro Tasmania's land and assets

A wide range of photography and filming that occurs on our land requires Hydro Tasmania’s prior written approval. Read more about filming on Hydro Tasmania land


Hydro Tasmania’s tenders are listed and processed via Tenderlink. To access the latest tender information simply register with Tenderlink (at no cost).  

Third party use or development of Hydro Tasmania's land and assets

Any person wishing to use or develop Hydro Tasmania land will require an agreement issued by Hydro Tasmania. Hydro Tasmania reserves the right to prohibit the use or development of its land and lakes where the safety of its employees, the public or its infrastructure assets may be compromised and to limit damage to environmental values of particular areas.

To ensure we can process your application as quickly as possible, please read the application requirements and ensure you have provided all the necessary information in your application.

Property licence application form >

Water transfer agreement >

If you are unclear of any aspect of the application, please contact our Commercial Property Advisor on 1300 360 441 to discuss or arrange an appointment concerning your proposal.

Purchase order terms and conditions

Rather then printing and sending our terms and conditions with every purchase order we invite you to download them instead to help us save paper.  

All queries relating to our purchase orders and the terms and conditions can be sent to

Payment of supplier invoices

Hydro Tasmania is committed to paying correctly rendered tax invoices with agreed terms and conditions. To help this process run efficiently as possible please ensure you provide a correctly rendered invoice that:  

  • Complies with the ATO requirements regarding issuing of tax invoices; 

  • Is emailed as one .pdf document per invoice, with a purchase order number referenced on every invoice; and