Gordon Dam

South West

Tasmania’s wild and beautiful South West is home to our largest power station and also the largest storage of water in Australia.

The combined storage of Lake Gordon and Lake Pedder covers more than 500 square kilometres and holds more than 37 times the volume of water in Sydney Harbour.

Gordon Power Station is the only station in this scheme. It was commissioned in 1977, has 432MW of generating capacity and is located 183 metres underground. Around 40% of the water used in the station flows from Lake Pedder into Lake Gordon, via McPartlan Pass Canal. The water is then supplied from Lake Gordon through a 137-metre high vertical shaft to the power station. A 1.6-kilometre long tailrace tunnel returns the water to the Gordon River when it exits the station.  

A 140-metre high concrete arch dam on the Gordon River holds back water, and provides a popular location for abseiling and sightseeing.  

The Gordon Power scheme is set in a striking landscape, surrounded by the Southwest National Park which forms part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The area draws visitors from around the world to enjoy fishing, hiking, other outdoor activities and the peaceful beauty of the environment.

Outdoor activity sites and amenities in the South West 

Lake Pedder provides a good trout fishing experience and is accessible by six boat ramps managed in collaboration with Parks and Wildlife Tasmania.  The lake is also a popular spot for paddling, and the shores and surrounds offer some of the state’s most popular bushwalking areas.

A monument located near the Scotts Peak Dam boat ramp pays tribute to the Hydro Tasmania workers who constructed the scheme and their families.  

Lake Gordon is located a short drive away, and is also a good spot for anglers. Come along the walking path along the dam wall and and enjoy the breath-taking views.

The original Hydro construction village of Strathgordon has been refurbished as tourist accommodation Pedder Wilderness Lodge. Located in the heart of the wilderness on the shore of Lake Pedder, the Lodge attracts local, national and international visitors.