Dunrobin Bridge boat ramp at Meadowbank Lake

Lower Derwent Valley

Hydro Tasmania’s operations in the lower Derwent Valley consist of three lakes, two lagoons and six run-of-river power stations. This means that water keeps on flowing, creating a cascade effect down the Derwent River, and is used multiple times through multiple power stations.  

Work on the Lower Derwent power scheme began in the 1950s and finished in 1968 when the last power stations were commissioned. The combined stations have a generating capacity of 255 MW. 

The region offers a wide contrast of scenery, from rolling farmland, which is a major hop producing area, to old growth rainforest. Our land and waterways here are visited by Tasmanians and tourists for all types of outdoor recreation including boating, fishing, water skiing and paddling.  

Meadowbank Lake is one of Tasmania’s premier lakes for water-skiing, and also offers a great day out for families, with undercover picnic facilities managed by the Central Highlands Council. The lake is open to angling year round and is regularly stocked with brown trout, rainbow trout and trophy sized Atlantic Salmon. Trolling, bait fishing and fly-fishing are all popular methods of fishing at Meadowbank Lake.    

Wayatinah Lagoon is a waterway well suited to small boat and shore-based fishing, and frequently provides a good catch of large fish despite never having been stocked. Submerged trees make many areas of this lagoon unsuitable for large vessels.  

The lagoon is located beside one of the original Hydro construction villages, which is now home to the Wayatinah Lakeside Lagoon Caravan Park and general store, both of which are privately operated. A must see while visiting the area is the Liapootah Power Station floral clock, which is at its finest in Spring with 350 daffodils planted in the clock. The clock underwent a four-year restoration project, completed in 2012, which was an initiative of the Wayatinah Sport & Social Club Inc. 

Other waterways in this region that are locally popular for angling include Cluny Lagoon, Lake Catagunya and Lake Repulse.  

Outdoor activity sites and amenities in the Lower Derwent Valley 

Boat ramps with public access are available at Wayatinah LagoonCluny LagoonLake Catagunya and Lake Repulse.  

Meadowbank Lake is accessible from a boat ramp and a landing stage (jetty), which are located at the picnic area.  

Wayatinah Lagoon Lakeside Caravan Park is privately operated and information is available directly from the website.