Dog-friendly camping in Tasmania

08 April 2022

Your four-legged friend is as much a member of the family as everyone else (some might even say a preferred member at that!). That’s why we’ve designated a large number of our sites as ‘dog-friendly’. So you can bring your fur-baby without fear of reprisal from those less keen on man’s best friend sniffing around and having a wow of a time.



If you’re looking for plans this weekend you might like to peruse our 38 dog-friendly locations dotted around Tasmania and listed on our interactive recreation map. Locations include campgrounds, day-use areas, boat ramps and nature walks.


Here are a few of our favourites:


Bradys Lake, Central Highlands

Bradys Lake is home to an internationally recognised white-water slalom course. It’s also a very popular fishing destination. Trolling, spin fishing and boat fishing are big here, as the waters are teeming with brown and rainbow trout. The lake lies at the head of the Bradys Chain of Lakes, with canals flowing into Lake Binney and Tungatinah Lagoon.


Lake Burbury, West Coast

According to serious anglers, Lake Burbury is one of the top fishing destinations in the State. Both brown and rainbow trout are on offer. Most fishing is done by boat rather than on the shoreline, with three public boat ramps providing easy access. Even if fishing isn’t your thing, Lake Burbury is a paddler’s paradise. Grab your kayak and start exploring.



Trevallyn Dam, Launceston

Lake Trevallyn and the Trevallyn Dam are just five minutes’ drive from Launceston CBD. It’s the perfect place to unwind with a walk and a picnic. There’s a short walking track open from sunrise to sunset, which overlooks the dam for an especially glorious vista. You can also bring your pooch, as certain areas of the Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area are designated for dog walking.



Most importantly, have a wonderful time immersing yourself in nature, and please help us look after these special places by leaving no trace of your visit.

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