National Energy Guarantee an important step forward

8 August 2018

Hydro Tasmania strongly supports the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and, along with the State Government and the Energy Industry more broadly, want to see it progress.

The Energy Security Board has worked effectively with the energy industry to come up with a policy that incorporates both climate and energy.

The NEG creates a long term framework for investment in the energy sector which is important for Tasmania as we strive to help meet Australia’s future energy needs.  

Hydro Tasmania CEO Steve Davy said the policy supports the Battery of the Nation initiative.

“Tasmania has a unique opportunity to provide more flexible, renewable energy and the NEG will encourage the development we need to do that,” Mr Davy said.

“Tasmania has extensive natural advantages including our existing hydro system, extensive wind resources and high-level expertise.

“The NEG along with Battery of the Nation could see significant projects like more Bass Strait interconnection, pumped hydro developments, and more on-island renewable energy such as wind farms developed.

“Tasmania plans to double our clean energy capacity and create plenty of surplus renewable energy to support mainland Australia as coal power is phased out,” he said.



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