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Sustainability reviews 

We carry out systematic reviews to assess water and land management activities across our six major hydropower catchments. We do this to ensure that we manage our catchments sustainably, so that future generations will have access to healthy water resources. 


Assessments are made in consultation with stakeholders, and consider social, environmental and economic conditions and management practices. After a catchment has been assessed, a series of actions are recommended and evaluated.

We then determine which actions can be implemented and make a commitment to the community about these specific actions that lead to improved management of environmental and social values in the catchment

In 2013, at the conclusion of the Mersey-Forth review, we evaluated and updated its approach to catchment reviews. This review resulted in changes, including the name, which has changed from 'Water Management Review' to 'Sustainability Review'. The new approach applies the International Hydropower Association (IHA) Sustainability Assessment Protocol  and provides a structured approach to identify issues and opportunities in line with internationally accepted hydropower industry protocols for sustainability. 

We continue to evaluate and update our approach to catchment reviews so that we keep improving this important aspect of our environmental management

Pieman sustainability review 

The Pieman sustainability review is the fourth catchment review undertaken by Hydro Tasmania. 

Over the past 4 years we have been working with key stakeholders and the broader west coast community to identify and resolve key concerns within the Anthony–Pieman hydro catchment area.

You can read more in our Outcomes and Commitments Report

We are currently involved in ongoing collaboration with stakeholders, the implementation of planned actions and the improvement of weed management practices in the Anthony-Pieman catchments.

This work is part of our commitment to the sustainable management of water resources for the benefit of all Tasmanians.

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