TasWind concept

TasWind was a concept to develop a 200-turbine wind farm on King Island announced in November 2012. The concept included the power generated being connected to the National Electricity Market (NEM) via a high-voltage underwater cable across Bass Strait to Victoria.

The first stage of a feasibility study had been underway for just over a year when, on 27 October 2014, the business announced that it would not proceed any further with the project. The decision was based on analysis showing:

• It was not economically viable as a stand-alone wind farm project or as a staged connection to Tasmania.

• Changing economic conditions had seen the estimated capital costs for the wind farm alone increase by around $150 million.

• Extending TasWind as a staged connection to Tasmania would be more expensive than other direct connection options between Tasmania and Victoria.

More details about Hydro Tasmania’s decision to end work on the TasWind project can be found in the media release.

For more information please contact Project Director, Tony Field, at tony.field@hydro.com.au