Bass Strait Islands

Bass Strait Islands

Bass Strait is the body of water separating Tasmania from mainland Australia. There are two major inhabited islands in Bass Strait, King Island and Flinders Island.

If you are looking for more information about electricity tarriffs please see the Powering Bass Strait Islands page >

Below is information on the power generation systems on each of the two major islands. 

Date commissioned 1984
Generating capacity 2.80 MW
Number of Turbines 4
Type of Turbines Diesel

Whitemark Power Station is located on Flinders Island, north-east of mainland Tasmania. Diesel is the main source of power generation. However, there are two small privately owned wind turbines connected to the grid.

Whitemark power station One of the diesel generators at the Whitemark Power Station Privately ownned Hayes Hill Wind Farm One of the private wind turbines at Hayes Hill Another wind turbine at Hayes Hill
Date commissioned 1985
Generating capacity 8.55 MW
Number of Turbines 9
Type of Turbines 4 diesel, 5 wind, 1 solar array

Currie Power Station is located on King Island, north-west of mainland Tasmania. It is part of an integrated system on the island. The station generates renewable solar power and uses diesel generation to provide firm capacity and ancillary services. The Huxley Hill Wind Farm is also a part of the integrated system and generates renewable energy from the wind.

Renewable energy integration is continuing on the island through the King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project

View of the Currie Power Station with solar array and Huxley Hill turbines in background Aerial view of Currie Power Station and Huxley Hill Wind Farm Solar and wind - renewable energy sources used on King Island A solar panel near Currie Power Station