The Basslink interconnector cable connects Tasmania to the national electricity grid. Basslink Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Keppel Infrastructure Trust.

Basslink runs under Bass Strait from George Town in Tasmania to Loy Yang in Victoria.  The undersea section of Basslink is 290 km long, making it the world’s second longest undersea power cable.

The Basslink interconnector experienced a fault mid-afternoon on Sunday 20 December 2015, rendering the cable inoperable. It returned to service almost six months later on 13 June 2016.

Further information about Hydro Tasmania’s response to the challenges of the Basslink fault can be viewed here.

A quick look back

The separation of Tasmania from the mainland, as it is affectionately known by Tasmanians, was one of the main driving factors in the Tasmanian Government’s decision to investigate and eventually implement Basslink.

The independent board which completed the investigation found that Basslink would provide great opportunities for the local energy market. The ability to buy in power would provide security of supply for the state and the opportunity to sell Tasmania’s renewable energy in to the national market providing sales growth.

The board signed off at the start of 2003 and Basslink Pty Ltd was established to build and from 29 April 2006 run Basslink.

Check out this video from Siemens about the Basslink project (it runs for about three minutes):

So what does Hydro have to do with Basslink?

Through Basslink Hydro Tasmania has the opportunity to sell our renewable energy in further reaches than Tasmania. Our trading team monitors the national market and assesses the best times to sell. You could think of it a bit like the stock market – sell when you can get your best price. Find out more about pricing.

We also prepare a compliance plan every year for the Tasmanian government in relation to Basslink. Electricity Supply Industry Enhancement Compliance Plan is a bit of a mouthful, so we call them ESI enhancement compliance plans.