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Do you have an energy question? Or maybe an idea for a STEM project? Or do you want to share with other students and schools what you have learnt about renewable energy? Did you visit one of our sites and take some cool pictures of our lakes, dams or power stations? Or maybe you are a budding artist and you've drawn a picture of our water catchments?


This is your space to share your ideas, projects and photos. Please send them into and we will post them on this page.   

National Water Week project 2020

Thank you to everyone who entered our National Water Week project schools competition. A big congratulations to Princes Street Primary School, the winner of our $300 book pack!

This year, during National Water Week, we wanted to deepen Tasmanian students' relationship and understanding of water. Students were asked to think about and express what water means to them, then pair a visual representation of their water place with a piece of writing.

We received so many fantastic entries! All entries will be on display at the Waddamana Power Station Heritage Site.

NWW_Princes Street_Callum NWW_Princes Street_Amber NWW_Princes Street_Arnie NWW_Princes Street_Ava NWW_Princes Street_Fei NWW_Princes Street_Harriet NWW_Princes Street_Isabella NWW_Princes Street_Lola NWW_Princes Street_Louie NWW_Princes Street_Lucas NWW_Princes Street_Jethro NWW_Princes Street_Milly NWW_Princes Street_Carolyn NWW_Princes Street_Esther NWW_Princes Street_Claudia NWW_Princes Street_Rupert NWW_Princes Street_Sumi NWW_Princes Street_Tian NWW_Princes Street_Ruairi NWW_Princes Street_Nixon NWW_Princes Street_Tadhg NWW_Princes Street_Nina NWW_Princes Street_Oscar NWW_Princes Street_Vinnie NWW_Princes Street_Tovi NWW_Molesworth Primary_Zeke NWW_Molesworth Primary_Tristan NWW_Molesworth Primary_Lily NWW_Molesworth Primary_Iestyn NWW_Molesworth Primary_Aaleyah NWW_Molesworth Primary_Ewan NWW_Molesworth Primary_Hayden NWW_Molesworth Primary_Emily NWW_Molesworth Primary_Brilee NWW_Molesworth Primary_Leif NWW_Molesworth Primary_Kyeten NWW_Molesworth Primary_Matilda NWW_Molesworth Primary_Shaun NWW_Sprent Primary_Aysiah NWW_Sprent Primary_Jak NWW_Sprent Primary_Juilia NWW_Sprent Primary_Dayna NWW_Sprent Primary_Maddy NWW_Sprent Primary_Sienna NWW_Sprent Primary_Mia NWW_Taroona High_Hannah NWW_St Marys College_Grace Infographic explaining - synchronous and non synchronous energy generation Infographic - generation sources total demand

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