STEM careers

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are all key skills for a variety of careers at Hydro Tasmania. We can demonstrate to students how STEM supports investigation, development of solutions and implementation using projects that Hydro Tasmania have undertaken. This support can be offered in a number of ways.


hydro careers expo

Career expos


A purpose built display highlights students strengths and passions and links them to the many and varied career opportunities available at Hydro Tasmania. 

Whether a student wish to pursue an academic or practical hands on pathway, we can provide advice for both. 

Class visits


Maybe your students would like to meet an engineer, a scientist, a digital expert, a power station operator or an apprentice. 

Providing students with an opportunity to understand what a typical day might be like in these occupations exposes them to many career options. 

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Talk to our Education Coordinator about the options we have to support your MyEducation lesson or experience.

We have a range of teaching resources and other cool stuff to download. You can also book a class talk or arrange a free tour of one of our power stations.  

Community events


We attend events that have a strong energy, engineering or science focus. We provide engaging activities that help children and students learn more about their environment and our role as a renewable energy generator.   

"A great out-of-class room real world experience."



What are your interests?

Do you like pulling apart engines, solving problems or digital design? Are you interested in helping to shape Australia’s energy future? 

There are many different types of STEM careers. We have created a skills checklist to help you plan for yours.