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 A range of free primary teaching guides, lesson plans, activities, posters and reference documents have been developed for use by educators. They align with the Australian Curriculum and cover a range of topics from Year 2 to Year 6. The resources have been critiqued by an independent Curriculum Consultant (Maria Leaver) who provided expert advice and guidance.  

Secondary teaching resources are under development however a class talk or excursion is an option in the interim.

Year 2

  1. The water cycle
  2. Our water catchments
  3. Electricity to our homes past and present

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Year 3

  1. Hydro camps and towns
  2. How much rain
  3. Participation in the community

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Year 4

  1. The life cycle of the Tasmanian eel
  2. Community expectations past and present

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Year 5

  1. Restoration of Lagoon of Islands
  2. Science adaptations of native flora and fauna

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Year 6

  1. What is hydropower
  2. How does solar energy work
  3. What is wind energy
  4. What is renewable energy

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Secondary teaching resources are currently under development.

A class talk or power station tour may provide an additional learning experience.