National Water Week project

Entries close 27 November

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This National Water Week we want to help you celebrate with your students, with this years theme being 'reimagining our water future'. All across Australia, teachers and students will be recognising and celebrating the importance water has on our lives.

Tasmanians are water people. We are surrounded by the sea and fortunate to have streams, rivers, lakes and ponds.

We want to help you celebrate the importance of water with your students! We're asking teachers to deepen young Tasmanians' relationship with and understanding of water. Ask your students to think about and express what water means to them.

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To prepare your students, you can find a wealth of resources on the Australian Water Association website.

To participate, students will pair a visual representation of their water place (a drawing, painting or photograph) with a piece of writing (a poem, story or essay).

Entries can be submitted to and must be accompanied by a schools entry form. The school with the highest percentage of student participation will win (terms and conditions apply).

Submissions close Friday 27 November 2020

We'll be looking at every submission and will select various entries to display on the student hub gallery, our Facebook page and at the Waddamana Power Station Heritage Site gallery space.

Find a teaching resource

 A range of free primary teaching guides, lesson plans, activities, posters and reference documents have been developed for use by educators. They align with the Australian Curriculum and cover a range of topics from Year 2 to Year 6. The resources have been critiqued by an independent Curriculum Consultant (Maria Leaver) who provided expert advice and guidance.  

Secondary teaching resources are under development however a class talk or excursion is an option in the interim.

Year 2

  1. The water cycle
  2. Our water catchments
  3. Electricity to our homes past and present

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Year 3

  1. Hydro camps and towns
  2. How much rain
  3. Participation in the community

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Year 4

  1. The life cycle of the Tasmanian eel
  2. Community expectations past and present

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Year 5

  1. Restoration of Lagoon of Islands
  2. Science adaptations of native flora and fauna

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Year 6

  1. What is hydropower
  2. How does solar energy work
  3. What is wind energy
  4. What is renewable energy

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Secondary teaching resources are currently under development.

A class talk or power station tour may provide an additional learning experience. 

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