Class talks

In line with recommended isolation requirements in response to COVID-19 and until further notice, our education program, Generation Hydro has ceased providing Class Talks and Power Station Tours. This will also extend to any career or science events held at the school or off campus.

If teachers or parents are seeking materials or support for learning about renewable energy, we are happy to provide the following:

  • Lesson plans are available for download here.
  • Additional resources and information can be found here.
  • Activity books and associated worksheets can be sent to your school or home.
  • 'Ask an expert' sessions over Skype where we can provide access to an engineer, scientist, electrician, operator or hydrologist are available for schools. Request a session here

Discover our water catchments

Using a large magnetic water catchment image, students actively participate in constructing a community and learn how essential water is to sustain life, our environment and how we live.

Year: 2 - 4
Timeframe: 40 min
No. of Student: 30

What is hydropower?

Students explore the different forms of energy, our weather patterns, the history of hydropower construction and how hydropower is generated in Tasmania.

Year: 4 - 8
Timeframe: 50 min
No. of Student: 30

What is renewable energy?

Students discover the range of renewable energy options being used in Tasmania to generate electricity.  They make comparisons with energy generation in other states and learn about future energy options. 

Year: 6 - 9
Timeframe: 50 min
No. of Student: 30

Some points to note:

  1. We require access to a data projector and screen or smart board and white board to carry out our class talks.
  2. Access to a sink and tap and space to erect models is also required.
  3. While we can accommodate larger class groups, this does impact the ability for all students to participate in hands on activities.
  4. Make the most of our visit to your school and book a number of classes in for talk over the course of the school day.
  5. Please provide as much notice as possible as our service covers the whole state and is quite popular.
  6. While we will make every endeavour to attend a school talk, there may be occasions such as illness where a talk may need to be cancelled at short notice. We will however endeavour to negotiate alternative options with you.
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