Safety and access on Hydro Tasmania land and waterways

Safety and access on Hydro Tasmania land and waterways

We take safety and environmental management seriously at Hydro Tasmania. Our land and waterways are used by many visitors for relaxation and recreation, and it is important that these visitors adhere to our safety requirements. The following information explains what you can and can’t do on Hydro Tasmania land and waterways.

Exclusion zones
At some lakes we have areas associated with hydro-generation operations where swimming, boating, canoeing and any public access is prohibited for safety reasons.

Generating renewable energy from water stored in lakes and running rivers can pose a dangerous hazard.

Where relevant, signage has been placed to advise of these dangerous conditions.

It is important for anyone using the lakes and rivers managed by Hydro Tasmania to recognise and avoid dangers of moving water in these areas.

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) regulates motorised and non-motorised craft on Hydro Tasmania waterways. Information about areas prohibited for navigation and a notice to mariners is available at MAST's website.

Your safety is of high importance to us – please stay safe on our water.

Safety warning

Please follow these simple rules when enjoying our lakes and rivers.

  • Stay alert, situations can change quickly
  • Always supervise children
  • Adhere to the regulations outlined on this website and any Hydro Tasmania signage
  • Stay where you can be seen by others
  • Don't go swimming near hydropower structures, spillways or dam walls

The water may look calm, but this can change quickly if a station turns on a turbine or opens a spillway.

Safety assessment

Hydro Tasmania is currently undertaking a comprehensive safety assessment for all our public sites. This process commenced in late 2016 and will continue in 2017.

Online information will be updated as relevant on this website, so we encourage visitors to check the site for updates prior to visiting our land or lakes. Onsite signage will also be updated.

Wood collection

The cutting or collecting of wood is not permitted on any lands owned by Hydro Tasmania.  The only exception is the collection of wood for campfires at designated sites on Hydro Tasmania land. 


Camping is permitted at some sites owned and manage by Hydro Tasmania, these are listed here. Unless otherwise stated, camping is allowed for no longer than 48 hours. Motor homes must utilise authorised effluent disposals stations, these sites can be found here.

  • Camp Fires - Camp fires are not permitted, unless otherwise stated on the camping ground link. Please use fuel stoves only.
  • Additional restrictions to campfires may apply in times of fire permit periods and total fire bans, details can be found on the Tasmanian Fire Service website.

Respect and protect the environment

Littering is not permitted on any Hydro Tasmania land or waterway. Please ensure you use waste bins provided (where relevant) or remove any rubbish when you leave.

To report littering, please ring the Litter Hotline on 1300 135 513 (Service Tasmania) or lodge a report online.

Your respect for the environment will help ensure sustainable management of our land and waterways for future generations.


Hydro Tasmania allows use of firearms for hunting on most of its land and lakes, providing the safety of employees, the public, and protection of infrastructure assets that provide essential services to the community, are ensured. To achieve these outcomes, any person carrying a firearm or hunting on Hydro Tasmania land or lakes require a licence issued by Hydro Tasmania. Licences may be issued in the following circumstances:

  • Issuing Association licences to allow members of a hunting association to hunt prescribed game within selected areas and at specified times and dates.
  • Issuing Individual licences to contractors for the control of pest and vermin.
  • Issuing Individual licences to persons to carry a firearm across Hydro land to access hunting zones on adjoining land.
  • Hydro Tasmania reserves the right to prohibit use of firearms on its lands and lakes where the safety of its employees, the public or its infrastructure assets may be compromised and to limit damage to environmental values of particular areas.

An application to carry a firearm or hunt on Hydro Tasmania land requires the completion of an application form - download here.

There are certain Hydro Tasmania sites where firearms are not permitted. These locations are identified on this website and also through on-site signage.

Should you have any further information please call Hydro Tasmania on 03 6230 5111 or email

Other use or development

Generally, the private and commercial use or development of Hydro Tasmania land requires the consent of Hydro Tasmania. This includes, but is not limited to the following activities:

  • aeronautical activities (float planes, helipads, etc.);
  • agricultural activities (grazing or cropping);
  • beekeeping;
  • installation of boat ramps, jetties or pontoons;
  • commercial fishing;
  • communications facilities;
  • ferries;
  • houseboats;
  • hunting;
  • private access and rights of way;
  • quarrying;
  • recreation guides; and
  • resource recovery (timber).

The use or development of Hydro Tasmania land requires the completion of an application form - download here.

Should you have any further information please call Hydro Tasmania on 03 6230 5111 or email