Touring other hydropower sites

Touring other hydropower sites

Whether you are a local Tasmanian or a visitor, you might be interested in touring through other hydropower sites. The information below may be helpful for you to start planning a visit.

Lake Margaret Power Station


Join Queenstown Heritage Tours for a guided tour through Lake Margaret Power Station, just outside Queenstown on Tasmania’s West Coast. Lake Margaret was built by the Mt Lyell Mining and Railway Company, 1912 – 1914 and acquired by Hydro Tasmania in 1985.

You will see the original machinery working as it did over 100 years ago.

Bookings are essential.

Photo: Queenstown Heritage Tours


Duck Reach Power Station


The first publicly owned power plant in the Southern Hemisphere, Duck Reach powered the northern city of Launceston from 1895 to its closure in 1955.

Duck Reach is now a heritage site managed by the Launceston City Council, and open daily to the public.

Tours are also available through Discover Tasmania Tours.

Photo: The Cataract Gorge


Trevallyn Power Station


Trevallyn Power Station is located 5 minutes from the centre of Launceston, and was commissioned in 1955.

A working power station, Trevallyn is a run-of-river station making use of daily flows down the South Esk River.

It houses four generators of 25 MW capacity and supplies 4% of Tasmania’s installed generating capacity.

Discover Tasmania Tours operate tours regularly through the power station.

Bookings are essential.


100 Years of Hydro - public exhibit


100 Years of Hydro tells the story of Hydro Tasmania from the construction of the first power station at Waddamana to the ground-breaking technologies being used today.

The exhibit was created to celebrate Hydro Tasmania's centenary in 2014 and is currently housed at Tarraleah Village.

Admission to the exhibit is free.



Photo in banner image: Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office