Sponsored events

Sponsored events

The events we choose to support all have the same thing in common - they are community-run events that draw visitors to Tasmania's beautiful places, inspire pride and showcase the abilities and diversity of regional Tasmanian communities.

The Unconformity

Hydro Tasmania is a gold sponsor of Queenstown's award-winning arts festival. The Unconformity hosts a high-end program aimed at building a national reputation and showcasing the unique charm of the West Coast of Tasmania.

Find out more about The Unconformity.

Lake Pedder Fishing Competition

Hydro Tasmania provides support to the Lake Pedder Angler's Club to host a fishing competition on Lake Pedder in South-West Tasmania. As well as providing great fishing for anglers over the weekend the club raises money for various charities.

Find out more about the Lake Pedder Anglers Club.

Hydro Tasmania King Island Imperial 20

Hydro Tasmania has been the naming rights sponsor of the iconic King Island Imperial 20 since 2014. The Hydro Tasmania King Island Imperial 20 is the only coast-to-coast foot race in Australia and crosses the width of the island. The course is short of a full marathon, at 32 kilometres - or 20 imperial miles.

The imperial is a community-run event that is unique on the Australian running calendar. By supporting this event our hope is that it will continue to grow and visitors will return to King Island again and again.

Find out more about the Hydro Tasmania King Island Imperial 20.

Flinders Island Running Festival

Flinders Island enjoys a pristine environment, unspoilt beaches and a strong sense of community. Hydro Tasmania supports the community to host a three-day festival of running and walking events from 2 km to 42 km. The festival is aimed at all abilities and encourages everyone to participate and have fun.

Find out more about the Flinders Island Running Festival.

Sustainable Living Festival

Run by Sustainable Living Tasmania, the Sustainable Living Festival is held annually in Hobart. The event helps to inspire people and discover practical solutions to living sustainably. Hydro Tasmania has been a supporter of the event for several years.

Find out more about the Sustainable Living Festival.