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Rebuild your community with a special COVID-19 round of community grants

2020 has been a year that none of us could have foreseen. The lives that we took for granted are now very different. The personal, family and community impacts will be felt for a long time.

On behalf of Hydro Tasmania we convey our sympathy to those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19. We also acknowledge the difficulty of being separated from cherished family and friends.

Along with the heartbreak, we have seen the best of the Tasmanian community spirit – the dedicated health-workers, all those who provide our daily services and everyday people who have instigated campaigns to support others.

To help our communities rebuild, Hydro Tasmania is offering a special COVID-19
round of community grants.

These grants are intended to support specific initiatives across Tasmania that will help impacted communities overcome difficulties associated with COVID-19. Community organisations are invited to apply for grants up to $10,000.

Successful recipients of the COVID-19 community grants

We're happy to announce the following community groups have been awarded a grant to help their local community with the ongoing effects of COVID-19.

Project          Organisation Purpose
Pavilion upgrade Devonport Cricket Club Devonport Cricket Club is upgrading its pavilion to make it available for hire, providing a good source of income for the club. This grant  will help complete the job with materials for a new ceiling.
New bathroom and laundry facilities Dorset Community House

People sleeping rough in Scottsdale can get a shower and wash their clothes in a new facility at Dorset Community House.

Dorset Community House will also use the laundry to support the operation of its community kitchen.

Community garden rest area Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden  

The renowned Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden in Romaine relies on its volunteers to keep the gardens growing, and they will soon be able to relax in their own newly constructed rest area.

Market and open day Furneaux Country Women's Association Wherever they are, the Country Women’s Association (CWA) is the lifeblood of its local community.

This is certainly the case on Flinders Island, where the Furneaux CWA is using the grant to create a cake stand, market and open day in Whitemark in November 2020.
Mobile cooking stations Gateway Community Care  

Heaven’s Kitchen is an initiative of Gateway Community Care in Devonport, which will use its grant to provide a series of mobile cooking stations used to deliver cooking lessons and meals for people with mental health issues and disabilities.

New computer equipment George Town Neighbourhood House  

George Town Neighbourhood House has been given a grant for new computer equipment. These are essential tools for a wide mix of clients doing everything from applying or training for work to just interacting during social isolation.

Facility maintenance and  upgrades Glenorchy Golden Years Club With hygiene now a renewed priority, the Glenorchy Golden Years Club will use its grant to upgrade the three bathrooms in its hall, which is used by many different community groups in Hobart
Relief programs Hobart City Mission

Since 1852, the Hobart City Mission has been caring for the people of Southern Tasmania and this grant will go to its ongoing relief programs, which have seen a surge in demand during the pandemic.

Facility maintenance and upgrades Jericho Volunteer Fire Brigade  

The town of Jericho will once again be able to comfortably use its town hall for community events, after the Jericho Volunteer Fire Brigade secured a grant to fix the hall’s leaking roof.

Dining courtyard King Island District High School   

A grant has gone to King Island District High School towards a new dining courtyard that will be used by students, staff and the wider community. Importantly, the project will be undertaken by local contractors on-island.

Homlessness care packs Launceston Benevolent Society

The Launceston Benevolent Society is there to support people who are at their most desperate, with its grant going to create homelessness care packs, providing a swag, sleeping bag, food, warm clothing and hygiene products to stay safe.

Children resilience program Launceston City Mission  

Children living and learning through the pandemic are being given an opportunity to build resilience thanks to funding going towards Launceston City Mission’s Inside Out 4 Kids program, which addresses stress, grief and self-esteem issues.

New computer equipment  Launceston Computer Group 

As social distancing continues to send people online, the Launceston Computer Group will use its grant to enrich the lives of Tasmanian seniors by training them in computer use.

New technology purchase Melaleuca Home for the Aged

The Melaleuca Home for the Aged has received a grant to purchase iPads for residents, enabling them to remain in contact with loved ones while staying safe with social distancing.

New gardening equipment Mersey Community Care Association  

The Mersey Community Care Association provides a much-needed mobile gardening service for its clients, which helps to keep people living independently at home. With a grant the association has purchased a new ride-on lawnmower.

Sport and recreation programs New Horizons Tasmania

New Horizons Tasmania has been given a grant to help keep Tasmanians with disabilities active and connected, with access to sport and recreation, and online classes in craft, fitness, yoga, meditation and dance.

Sport and recreation packs Reclink Australia

Reclink Australia provides sport, art and recreation opportunities for socially disadvantaged people throughout Australia, including rural and remote locations in Tasmania.

Using Reclink’s grant, Neighbourhood Houses around Tasmania will be provided with a sport and recreation pack, paired with online resources.

New clubroom furniture Rocherlea Football Club

The Rocherlea Football Club only recently began playing games again and is now able to invite members and guests back into the clubroom, after using a grant to purchase plastic chairs that can easily be kept hygienically clean.

Community pantry Rosebery Neighbourhood House

Providing food relief for the entire West Coast is a challenge for the Rosebery Neighbourhood House, which will put the grant towards a new community pantry, featuring increased storage, workspace and an outdoor area.

Facility maintenance and upgrades Mount Black Men’s Shed

Rosebury’s Mount Black Men’s Shed will start receiving some much-needed maintenance using a grant, which will go towards roof repairs and heating to help keep the attendees warm and dry.

Furniture for consultation rooms Sexual Assault Support Service

The Sexual Assault Support Service in Hobart used its grant to buy new COVID-safe cleanable furniture, for refurbished consultation rooms that provide a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for clients.

Sport programs  Sheffield Cricket Club

Young people and women from Sheffield are being encouraged to participate in sport and getting help with any financial barriers to participation, thanks to the Sheffield Cricket Club.

Facility maintenance and upgrades South Riana Memorial Hall

The South Riana Memorial Hall will receive a much-needed safety and maintenance upgrade, with the grant going towards safety rails for the elderly and outdoor awnings for poor weather, making it a community hall for all.

Hygiene and safety products Southern Touch Football Association  

The Southern Touch Football Association has returned to play in 2020 after lockdown, with just a little help from a grant, which has purchased hygiene and safety products for players.

Facility maintenance and upgrades St Mary’s Sports Centre

The volunteers of the St Mary’s Sports Centre can continue the upkeep of their golf course and bowls rink, and install a new heater in their clubrooms, with a $5,000 grant. It all keeps the facility open and operating for the benefit of the wider community.

Dry dock repairs Tasmanian Sail Training Association

The replica Lady Nelson is a familiar site on the River Derwent and will continue to be after the Tasmanian Sail Training Association secured a grant towards dry dock repairs, which will enable visitors and school groups to experience this piece of Tasmania’s history.

Counselling services West Moonah Community House

Counselling services provided by West Moonah Community House will expand, thanks to a grant for online video equipment to make localised online content on coping with anxiety using mediation and exercise.

New technology purchase
Wynyard Agricultural and Pastoral Society

Lack of connectivity, intellectual and social activities have had a profound effect on elderly people in Wynyard, but the Wynyard Agricultural and Pastoral Society will use its grant to purchase devices and provide training for its older members.

Community meals Zeehan Neighbourhood Community Centre

Sometimes, all you need is a chance to get together with friends. The Zeehan Neighbourhood Community Centre has been given a grant to provide free monthly lunches at the Heemskirk Hotel, which will be open to all community members.


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