Supply chain and tenders

Supply chain and tenders

This page contains information for current and potential suppliers of Hydro Tasmania. For more information on Hydro Tasmania's supply chain, click here.


Hydro Tasmania’s tenders are now listed and processed via our e-procurement portal hosted by Tenderlink. This portal has been implemented to improve opportunities and create greater efficiency for both Hydro Tasmania and our suppliers.

In order to use the portal and access tenders published by Hydro Tasmania you will need register as a supplier (at no cost). You will then receive access to our latest tenders and all relevant tendering information.

To find out more, register or view our current tenders please click here.

Purchase order terms and conditions

One of the parts of being a sustainable business is reducing our paper consumption. In our ongoing efforts to reduce office use of paper we made the decision to include our Purchase Order terms and conditions on our website instead of printing and sending with every purchase order. You can download relevant Purchase Order terms and conditions below.

2017 terms and conditions

Payment of supplier invoices

Hydro Tasmania is committed to paying correctly rendered tax invoices with agreed terms and conditions. To ensure your invoice is processed efficiently please send a copy of your invoice directly to

A correctly rendered invoice will:

  • comply with the ATO requirements regarding issuing of tax invoices
  • be emailed as one .pdf document per invoice, with a purchase order number referenced on every invoice
  • be sent to as the primary email address.

For more information on how we like to do business with our suppliers, click here.