20 June 2016

Financial impact on Hydro Tasmania of response to energy supply challenge

Hydro Tasmania today outlined the financial impact on the business of record low inflows from September 2015 to April 2016, combined with the six-month Basslink outage, in evidence to the Public Ac
17 June 2016

Submission to Public Accounts Committee

Hydro Tasmania has lodged a detailed submission to the Public Accounts Committee’s (PAC) inquiry into the state’s energy businesses.
14 June 2016

Basslink return to service - BPL statement

On 13 June 2016, Basslink Pty Ltd (BPL) provided a statement about the Basslink interconnector returning to service.
13 June 2016

Basslink return to service

Hydro Tasmania has welcomed the return to service of the Basslink interconnector which has been out of service since 20 December 2015.
10 June 2016

Cloud seeding statement

Hydro Tasmania is aware of the devastating impact of the recent floods and extends its sympathies to all who have been affected. Hydro Tasmania’s operational focus at this time is on the safety of our people, the public and our assets. Hydro Tasmania understands community concern about its cloud seeding program. Due to the unprecedented dry conditions since September 2015, Hydro Tasmania began its cloud seeding season in April, one month earlier than has been the practice in recent years, to help rebuild storages affected by record low rainfall during Spring 2015 – Autumn 2016.
10 June 2016

Basslink update

On 10 June, Basslink Pty Ltd (BPL) provided an update on repairs to the Basslink cable.
8 June 2016

Warning to boaters

8 June 2016

Basslink repair and diesel generation update

On 8 June, Basslink Pty Ltd (BPL) provided an update on repairs to the Basslink cable.
8 June 2016

Impact of heavy rainfall and flooding

Unprecedented rainfall has fallen across several of Hydro Tasmania’s catchments in the past 72 hours.
4 June 2016

Investing to support boaters and anglers at yingina / Great Lake

A new boat launching ramp has been developed to help recreational boaters and anglers enter yingina/Great Lake at lower water levels. Hydro Tasmania and the Inland Fisheries Service have developed the new launching ramp at Boundary Bay, at a shared cost of $15,000. Meanwhile, Hydro Tasmania is pleased to announce that four boat ramps have now been re-opened at other locations.