19 May 2016

More industrial production, less gas generation

Two major Tasmanian employers will return to full production earlier than expected under a new agreement with Hydro Tasmania.
17 May 2016

Energy Supply Plan update

An update on the energy supply situation was provided on 16 May by the Energy Minister Matthew Groom.
12 May 2016

Tasmania currently completely renewable

For the first time this year, mainland Tasmania is being continuously and completely powered by renewable energy.
11 May 2016

Opinion: It's a huge hit, but it won't sink us

There has been much said about the impact on Hydro Tasmania's financial position of the unprecedented challenges of record low rainfall combined with an extended Basslink fault. While there is no argument the response to maintain Tasmania's energy supply will come at a considerable cost, I am keen to ensure that commentary, both political and economic, is accurate and based on the facts.
10 May 2016

Hydro Tasmania honours service to community

Hydro Tasmania is proud to be part of the inaugural Tasmanian Volunteering Awards.
10 May 2016

Energy Supply Plan update

An update on the energy supply situation was provided on 9 May by the Energy Minister Matthew Groom.
6 May 2016

Opinion: The spirit of Waddamana

The Waddamana Power Station marked the beginning of government-operated hydro-electricity in Tasmania. Ironically, the 100th anniversary of its opening falls today… in the midst of Tasmania’s current energy challenges.
6 May 2016

Re-energising the Waddamana experience

Work is underway on the first stage of an upgrade that will enhance the visitor experience at Hydro Tasmania’s first hydropower station, Waddamana Power Station A.
5 May 2016

Innovative pumped storage hydro design by Entura beats expectations

Specialist power and water consulting firm Entura has developed an innovative design for Genex Power’s Kidston Pumped Storage Hydropower Project in North Queensland, Australia.
5 May 2016

Alstom Cambridge engineering workshop

Hydro Tasmania has confirmed it has taken over operational control of the Cambridge engineering workshop facility formerly operated by Alstom (GE).