News - January, 2015

23 December 2015

Trevallyn Dam valve replacement works

Hydro Tasmania will undertake work in early 2016 to replace three large dewatering valves built into Trevallyn Dam. The valves were installed in Trevallyn Dam when it was built in the 1950s. The $6 million project is vital to the dam’s future operation and safety, and will improve the reliability of water released for the environment and for a range of stakeholders. The timing of the project from January to March is to ensure the safety of workers involved.
22 December 2015

Basslink fault

Energy security in Tasmania will not be impacted by this morning’s announcement from Basslink Pty Ltd of a fault in the Basslink undersea cable. CEO Steve Davy said Hydro Tasmania would continue to manage energy supply using a range of levers at its disposal, including water in storages and wind.
16 December 2015

Entura delivers flood forecasting system to Parkes Shire Council

A clever data management system developed by specialist power and water consulting firm Entura is helping to ensure the safety of a major dam in the NSW shire of Parkes.
16 December 2015

Hydro Tasmania to restart combined cycle gas turbine

Hydro Tasmania today announced it has made a commercial decision to restart the combined cycle gas turbine at the Tamar Valley Power Station in the New Year. Hydro Tasmania has always operated the CCGT optimally within our portfolio, and restarting it in early 2016 makes good commercial sense, given the low inflows to our storages in the last few months.
4 December 2015

Changes to public access at Lake Barrington and Lake Paloona

Hydro Tasmania has advised of changed access for recreation at some of the waterways it manages across the state.
4 December 2015

Rewarding excellence in volunteering

Hydro Tasmania is proud to support the inaugural Tasmanian Volunteering Awards, launched today by the Premier, Will Hodgman. These awards recognise individuals who give their time willingly to the community and promote volunteering and the significant contribution it makes to the state. Hydro Tasmania is a corporate member of Volunteering Tasmania and has worked with the organisation since the inception of Hydro’s employee volunteering program in 2011.
3 December 2015

Union claims on Entura rejected

Hydro Tasmania has rejected claims made by Professionals Australia regarding the operation of a proposed joint venture involving its consulting business Entura.
3 December 2015

Clarification: Tasmania not importing 50 % of its energy requirements

Hydro Tasmania has clarified a statement made to today’s Parliamentary scrutiny hearings into Government Business Enterprises. Discussing the positon of Hydro Tasmania’s storages and current imports of energy across Basslink, CEO Steve Davy noted that imports were supplying 40-50% of Tasmania’s energy demand. This is not correct. What Mr Davy intended to state was that the current level of import fluctuates between 30 – 40 per cent. For November, it was 38 per cent.
2 December 2015

Running low: low-load diesel trial aims to increase renewable energy in hybrid power systems

Hydro Tasmania is collaborating with the University of Tasmania and the United States Office of Navy Research on research aimed at removing a barrier to greater use of renewable energy in off-grid power systems.
18 November 2015

Diesel to ‘de-sal’ on Rottnest Island: creating power and drinking water with lower costs and emissions

Hydro Tasmania’s world-leading renewable energy innovation will help reduce the amount of diesel fuel needed to generate power and produce clean drinking water at one of Western Australia&rsq