News - January, 2014

17 December 2014

"People of the Hydro" documentary available to purchase on DVD

As part of its centenary celebrations, Hydro Tasmania commissioned a short documentary film to tell the story of the business over the past 100 years. DVDs of the documentary are available for purchase.
18 November 2014

Entura signs MOU with HYDROCHINA

Hydro Tasmania’s professional services business Entura has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with leading Chinese power and design consultants HYDROCHINA.
17 November 2014

Agreement announced with Shenhua Group

An investigation into the construction of a small wind farm in Tasmania using Chinese wind turbine generator technology was announced at a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Chines
9 November 2014

Rewarding leadership in Tasmanian football

Hydro Tasmania congratulates the winner of this year’s Hydro Tasmania Leadership Award, announced on Saturday night at the second annual Hydro Tasmania AFL Conference.
4 November 2014

Imagining our future energy landscape

Wearable solar panels, harnessing the power of natural disasters and capturing energy from space could all be part of the world’s future energy mix if Tasmanian school children are right. Hydro Tasmania invited Tasmania’s young people to imagine the future of energy, as part of the centenary celebrations of the business. The Schools Future Thinking competition asked students in years 5-10 to consider how we might source and use energy 100 years from now.
28 October 2014

Hydro Tasmania accepts award for supporting recreation

Hydro Tasmania is delighted to have been awarded with the Australian Canoeing President's Award for its support of canoeing. Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s largest water manager and owns and operates a network of dams and hydropower stations across Tasmania.
27 October 2014

Hydro Tasmania to end work on TasWind project

Hydro Tasmania will not proceed with the TasWind project on King Island. CEO Steve Davy said the feasibility work to date had clearly indicated the project was not economically viable. The Corporation will now focus its efforts on investigating the feasibility of a second inter-connector across Bass Strait. The original TasWind concept announced in November 2012 was for the construction of a 600 megawatt wind farm on the island, with the power generated to connect to the National Electricity Market (NEM) via a high-voltage underwater cable across Bass Strait to Victoria.
26 October 2014

Heritage listing for Hydro Tasmania’s Great Lake scheme

The importance of the Great Lake Power Scheme to Tasmania’s historical development has been formally recognised, with the permanent listing of key elements of the scheme on the Tasmanian Heritage Register. The listing is the first Hydro-built scheme entered on the Register; another Hydro-operated site on the Register, Lake Margaret, was built and operated by the Mt Lyell Co. from 1911 – 1984. In 1916 power generation began at the Waddamana A Power Station. Between 1939 and 1949 Waddamana B was built to meet the increasing demand of electricity in Tasmania.
17 October 2014

A bucketful of Hydro memories comes to Hobart

Hydro Tasmania’s centenary event program focuses on Hobart this week, with the opening of a mobile exhibition and screenings of a documentary, both of which celebrate the stories of the people who built ‘the Hydro’.
16 October 2014

Strong returns to government on back of record profit

Hydro Tasmania is expected to return $233 million to the Government this year, including a dividend of $117 million, as a result of a record profit result for 2013/14. Announcing the Corporation’s 2013/14 results, Chairman David Crean said the profit before tax, fair value adjustments and revaluations (underlying profit) of $242 million was helped by the generation of more renewable energy than in any previous year.