11 December 2017

Flinders’ renewable frontier

The Flinders Island community can look forward to a secure and cleaner energy future thanks to its new Hybrid Energy Hub. Officially launched today, the hub will transform the island’s power supply and provide another exceptional renewable showcase for remote communities around Australia and the world.
30 November 2017

Hydro Tasmania fuels renewable oasis

One of Australia’s most remote communities has been totally powered by clean energy for the very first time.
29 November 2017

Energy security independently confirmed

Tasmania’s energy security is now strong enough to withstand an unlikely repeat of the events of 2015/16.
24 November 2017

Fulfilling Tasmania’s potential

More interconnection is crucial for plans to double Tasmania’s renewable energy capacity and give Tasmanians the lowest possible power prices.
20 November 2017

Seeking a fair and reasonable outcome

Negotiations between Hydro Tasmania and the owners of the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline over future access arrangements have progressed.
16 November 2017

Tasmanian tech drives renewable Rottnest

Hydro Tasmania’s innovation and technology is again leading the way to a clean and reliable future.
14 November 2017

Tasmanian solution hits the national stage

The word is out. Tasmania has the natural advantages and renewable head-start to lead the way.
30 October 2017

Battery of the Nation worthy of national significance

Tasmania’s Battery of the Nation initiative is now firmly on the radar of Australia’s main infrastructure funding body.
24 October 2017

Exciting times for Tasmanian angling

Hydro Tasmania is set to sponsor one of the biggest fishing events in Tasmania’s history.
20 October 2017

Executive salaries

Media reports claiming Hydro Tasmania executives have received significant salary increases misrepresent both fact and context.