At Hydro Tasmania, we are committed to reducing our environmental impacts wherever we can.

We do this by working with experts in environmental research, looking at areas like threatened species, environmental flows, fish migration, and the general health of our waterways.

Through our various environmental programs, we work with other organisations to achieve common goals, by funding practical environmental projects, and through joint research and sponsorships.

We also continuously look inwards to see how we can become a more sustainable business, and we engage with our staff and customers to help us meet this challenge.

We believe protecting our environment for future generations isn’t just common sense – it also makes good business sense.

Our environmental management system is ISO 14001 certified. View our Environmental Policy here.  (PDF 2.0 MB)

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about our environmental initiatives, please contact us on 1300 360 441 or email contactus@hydro.com.au