Launceston area

Launceston area

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Launceston is the major town in northern Tasmania and the site of Hydro Tasmania's Trevallyn power development. This power station is located almost in suburban Launceston, making seeing the Hydro Tasmania sites in this area more accessible. You can visit the dam wall or have a picnic at 'tailrace park' all for free. 

As the Trevallyn Power Station is an operational power station, due to safety reasons, tours are not available at this time. You can visit the Duck Reach power station museum in the Cataract Gorge, which is owned by the Launceston City Council. 

Don't forget to "Leave no trace" when you are visiting the untamed wilderness of Tasmania. Read more >

Just a short five minute drive from the centre of Launceston you can overlook the Trevallyn Dam. This concrete dam was built in 1955 to supply water to the Trevallyn Power Station, which is located … Read more >
Duck Reach Power Station provided the City of Launceston with electric street lighting, the first in the Southern Hemisphere to do so! When it was constructed it was owned by City of Launceston… Read more >
Please note: This site is managed by the Launceston City Council.  Tailrace Park is named after the tailrace of the Trevallyn Power Station. In hydropower stations, the headworks are the mechan… Read more >
Set out for a day of boating or water skiing on Lake Trevallyn, located centrally in Launceston.  There is also a small pebble beach around from the boat ramp, which the family may like to set … Read more >