Sustainability is in our nature

Sustainability is one of Hydro Tasmania's core values and we are committed to creating a sustainable future. Sustainability for Hydro Tasmania involves the transparent and balanced application of economic, environmental and social considerations to business decisions and activities. 

Our Sustainability Code (PDF 1.8 MB) identifies the seven principles that explain what it means for us to be sustainable.

The Code is being applied across our business as shown below, and our challenge is to further integrate our sustainability code.

  • Strategy On A Page (SOAP): framed by the seven principles, we set annual strategies and targets that determine our priorities for the year.
  • Long term Sustainability Indicators: The long-term sustainability indicators (LSI) reflect the longer-term (5 year) strategic priorities, as set out in the Corporate Plan. The LSI relate directly to Hydro Tasmania’s Sustainability Code – creating a ‘line of sight’ between the Sustainability Code, the long term Strategy and the 2012/13 strategy on a page
  • Annual Sustainability Report: Our annual reporting summarises our business performance based on our sustainability code, and includes independent verification to ensure the information we report publicly is accurate, material to our stakeholders and inclusive of their interests. We have received numerous awards recognising the effectiveness of our annual sustainability report.
  • Contractors and Suppliers Annual Survey: Each year Hydro Tasmania approaches different key suppliers, asking them to self-assess their own sustainability performance. This demonstrates whether key suppliers share similar values to us in sustainability-related areas and helps us determine business compatibility.
  • Screening process: A process of screening potential clients, partners and opportunities against the Sustainability code principles has been developed and implemented.

Sustainability performance

Within our annual report we outline how we performed against long-term sustainability indicators (LSI), find out more about our annual reports.

The LSI reflect the longer-term (5 year) strategic priorities of the business and relate directly to Hydro Tasmania’s Sustainability Code and the annual targets.

Annually we also report against the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.  We aim for the best practices as laid out in these international standards. Read more about GRI and our Annual Sustainability Report.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities

The Federal Government’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) legislation requires large energy-using businesses such as Hydro Tasmania to undertake greater scrutiny of their energy use and improve identification and uptake of cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities. Under the EEO program we have undertaken to assess at least 80% of our energy use by 2016 and implement energy efficiency opportunities starting with the most attractive projects.

Hydro Tasmania’s 2012-13 public report on the outcomes of our EEO efforts can be accessed here.